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We have a lovely, light-filled studio space furnished with equipment for all your sewing needs.

 Blue Hill Area               

Slow fashion is about being ethical, eco, and long lasting in your approach to the garments you buy and wear. Most people no longer know how to sew and repair their own clothing, so we’re here to fill that gap by altering and mending as needed to keep your favorite garments in circulation. Or upcycle them into something new. And if you want to learn how to do it yourself, just ask, we’d be glad to teach you. 

Locally we offer a variety of sewing services:
  • Clothing Alterations & Repairs
  • Upcycling
  • One-on-One Sewing Lessons
  • Coming soon... Small Group Classes

Drop-In Hours

Mondays & Thursdays     

10am - noon ,  4pm - 6pm

All other days/hours by appointment. 

Note: We are closed all public holidays in Maine. Click here for a list of them.  

Alterations & Repairs

Alterations and repairs will be billed at fees typical for the industry (Google "alterations pricing"), with more complicated projects charged at an hourly rate (currently $30 per hour).

Clothes must be clean when brought in for alteration or repair.

Hemming pants or dresses/skirts - If the item needs to be tried on to find the correct length, please bring the shoes you plan to wear with them, as that affects the length.  



Tired of your wardrobe but don’t want to buy anything new? Shop your closet or one of our local thrift stores and then bring it in for upcycling. I can rework it for you or we can do it together. Learn how to look at your old clothes (or someone else’s) as a starting point for something new. Turn a dress into a shirt. Pants into a bolero jacket. Swap the sleeves. The possibilities are endless. Free consultations. 

One-On-One Lessons

 Do you….

  • Have a sewing project you're stuck on or never started?
  • Have a sewing machine you wish you knew how to use?
  • Want to learn to sew?
  • Want to expand your sewing skills?
  • Want to learn how to do your own mending & alterations?
  • Want to learn how to alter and/or make your own patterns?
  • Want someone to teach your child to sew? (Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.)

Sewing is a useful and rewarding skill. As a slow fashion workshop, we want to be a resource to the community for those who wish to learn more about sewing or need help with a project. 

For an hourly rate (currently $30 per hour) we will work through your project with you in our workshop or provide lessons customized to what you want to learn and/or accomplish.

You should know that quilting is not our area of expertise, but we can help with all kinds of other projects, such as curtains, pillows, stuffed animals, doll clothes, reusable shopping bags, and of course, clothing. We can work on both hand and machine sewing, and we also have a treadle sewing machine for those who want to bridge the gap between the two.


Things We Do Not Work On

  • Custom Sewing (other than upcycling and alterations)
  • Quilts
  • Leather 
  • Upholstery (pillow covers of normal fabric are ok)
  • Heavy Duty Items (backpacks, couch cushions, etc.)
  • Outdoor Items (cushions, covers, tents, sails, etc.)

For work on heavy duty items we recommend Sew Rugged who is also in Blue Hill.